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Why Are Custom Clothing Labels and Clothing Tags So Expensive? What Clothing Designers Should Know

You finally make the order for your custom clothing labels—the labels that advertise your brand logo, and display size, and care instructions. When you finally submit your clothing tag art and technical specifications, you are shocked by the pricing—hundreds of dollars for just a few hundred pieces of fabric tags!


How can such a small piece of cloth cost so much? And why do clothes label sourcing firms requiring 500, 1000 or more in minimums pieces? You think to yourself, “These are just squares of cloth! How can this be?”

Unfortunately, there is tremendous engineering and precision that goes into the design of each label. It is not the cost of the cloth—it is the cost of the labor needed to produce a clothing tag that is exactly the correct height, width, resolution, and color—all in the space a few inches or less.

First there is the design of the clothing label through a graphic interface such as Photoshop. Measurements must be very precise, and the matching of the client’s artwork to what the woven looms or fabric printers are actually capable of doing. When a proof (blue print) is presented to a customer, she may realize that the clothes label must be changed—such as being made larger, smaller, centered differently, Printing Services in Vietnam  or a folding preference changed. New proofs are made up and the process repeats itself..

There is also the customer service labor. A customer service rep is very important for educating the client as to what type of clothing label is appropriate for the client. Oftentimes, a client may consult with the customer service rep regarding the technical aspects or cost packages 6-12 times. There is much ado over manufacturing custom labels for clothing!

Next is production. Depending on the type of custom clothing tag ordered, the manufacturing may have to be outsourced. This means that very likely, language translations of the technical specifications must be done. The custom clothes tags then must be woven or printed, cut, folded, and packed.

If production is indeed overseas, there may be expensive parcel service and customs. This is why in many case custom clothes labels take 2-4 weeks. However, new technologies were recently developed in the US to drastically bring down production costs.

These steps are why custom clothing label suppliers require considerable minimums and cost so much. Much fuss goes into producing your “billboard” to the clothing world. The key for reducing costs is to order enough clothing tags to last you for some time, as volume order drastically reduce costs

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