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How to Pick a Creative Topic For an Essay

The most important word in that title is creative, the second is pick, the third is a phrase – how to pick!

What does creative mean? It means being original while hopefully finding something that is interesting to read about. A good writer can make anything interesting – particularly if the word creative is used when getting her to write.

Let’s focus on the small – right there on the desk in front of you. Right, in front of me right now is a glass of water on my left and an empty cup on my right. What does that say about me?

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The glass of water’s half empty – probably been used to take some pill or other – this guys got health issues, so – he’s older – and he drinks tea out of flowery cups – definitely older and married too most likely.

Anything else on the desk – sure! A pile of CDs, a stack of books with markers in them, a few notebooks with something scribbled on most of the pages – a printer and a radio – the radio is blasting out something by Beethoven – a window facing him – snow outside – now what?

This guys a writer, he’s older – we’ve already said that – he lives somewhere in the Northern hemisphere – narrows it down – he writs in notebooks – he reads – he’s a writer – an older writer – probably published some stuff, but he’s at home during the daytime – probably out of work – or so successful he doesn’t have to go out to earn – he’s out of work – not wildly successful – why – he’s doing his own printing and writing, collecting info for his next – book or article.

Tell me what day the cup has had: woke this morning to a slopping and hissing, boiling hot water swishing about madly, sitting next to other cups – some big, some small – all been used – ah, it’s done – the machine has stopped and hello, here’s the lady of the house opening the door to let us breathe again.

Pick me, pick me, you know you like me – oh, she’s making coffee for him, and it’s early so she hasn’t got time for niceties – I’m next later, don’t forget.

Now I’m dry on a shelf next to the plates, I am getting myself ready to be useful. At about 11 he’ll be wanting another coffee – he gets through a chapter and he starts feeling thirsty. The coffee’s on the go – I can smell it – the milk’s standing by me ready – he doesn’t take sugar – who does these days – poor sugar bowl, I do feel sorry for her – standing there behind closed doors waiting – oh, there she goes – but not for sugar. He’s having some soup – that’s early, even for him – coffee and a soup – what’s going on – ah, it’s cold outside – look, it’s snowing – that’s why.

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