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Commercial Dump Truck

Due to the hazards involved with operating commercial trucks, dump truck insurance is strongly recommended. The rigs have become longer over the years and this increases the chance of tipping. Accidents such as these are more frequent with semitrailers instead of straight trucks. Statistics on the occurrence of tipping isn’t very prevalent, since reports aren’t made unless someone is injured. In the past two years, there have been two reports; one of a fatality and one of a serious injury. Both of these were due to the tipping of a dump truck.

Commercial truck insurance is needed no matter what substances are hauled. Whether it’s Cvv dumps aggregate (gravel, asphalt, sand), asphalt for road and foundation construction, removal of construction materials, or snow and ice removal in the winter. Some companies who specialize in aggregate hauling will provide Primary Liability Insurance coverage for drivers. This also includes bodily injury coverage and property to damage coverage.

If a dump truck is only used for snow and ice removal, then the off-season insurance can be changed. The comprehensive policy protects vehicles in the off-season and prevents the regular policy from having to be canceled or renewed every season.

Commercial truck insurance, is what is needed for dump trucks to be operated commercially. Dump truck insurance is used by; owner operators, trucking companies, small or large fleets, and individuals. It is a must have in order to remain protected during operation of dump trucks and to protect others. Not only is bodily injury covered, but property damage is as well.

Damage to Property – Injury to Body

This part of insurance provided to dump trucks covers any injuries or death to another person, as well as if the insured is considered the one to blame for the occurrence of the accident. Lost wages, sickness, medical costs, death, or pain and suffering of the third party are covered as well. If any legal defense costs are accrued, these are also covered. The property damage liability portion of the insurance on dump trucks covers damages that are caused by one of these dump trucks to property for which the insured is thought to be at fault. This also covers legal costs related to the damages.

Damage to Physical Property

This type of coverage is for in the event of a collision or overturn which results in the damage of or loss of an insured dump truck. Another part of this type of coverage found in dump truck insurance includes damages which occur from theft, fire, windstorm, vandalism, or contact with an animal. If a Fire and Theft coverage is added to a Combined Additional Coverages, this combination ensures coverage due to damage or loss of an insured dump truck because of specific occurrences. Examples of these events include; fire, windstorms or hail, lightning, flood or rising waters, explosion, collision with an animal, vandalism, earthquakes, or instances occurring while being transported by a third party.

Dump truck insurance is something you must have, no matter what is being hauled. This insurance is for protecting everyone involved with a dump truck being operated commercially; owner, operator, and basically anyone who comes into contact with or in the vicinity of the dump truck itself.

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