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Chess Game Boards

Alternately colored one black and one white, 64 blocks compile a full chessboard game. It is the battlefield where two individuals apply their tactics and strategies to win the game.

All major Chess set manufacturers provide a variety of choices in chessboards, which are often available in range of sizes. The range includes everything from the basic walnut and maple, to exotic wood chessboards from Italy.

Connoisseurs are provided with a variety of options in chessboards, which range from an exotic Ferrer Wood Chess Boards, colorful Ferrer Wood Chessboard, Red & Erable high gloss deluxe chessboard, or even a red & black high gloss deluxe chessboards. Players can also go for a Bud Rosewood & Maple Chess Board, with modeled edges, or rather they can choose a Stripped Ebony & Maple Chessboard with molded edge. Chessboards are also available in Mahogany & Maple with molded edge. The Rosewood & Maple Chess board with molded Edge 2′ squares also looks magnificent and classy.

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The classy range also includes black and white lacquered elm root and erable framed white and black, roman-maze pattern lacquered green and erable, framed, red and maple framed, red and maple inlaid, green and red stained wood and elmroot. Chessboards are also designed taking inspiration from various themes, such as Civil war chessboards, US military chessboard, Animal kingdom chessboards, Medivial chessboards, King Arthur chessboards, and oriental chessboards.

Chessboards are also available in a beautiful line of leatherette with matching storage trays, which are festooned with beautiful engraving on the board and tray.

The range of chessboards that are available in metal and brass are crafted with exceptional beauty, making them special not just for the game, but also for display. The craze doesn?t stop because some chessboards are made of gold lined with diamonds — making them unique and a splendid sight.

Along with the exotic range, chessboards are also made of plastic to make them affordable. The creativity and effort invested in making chessboards speaks volumes about much the game is acknowledged.

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